The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has approved the 6G framework at a meeting held in Geneva from June 12 to June 22, 2023. The 6G technology has been named ‘IMT-2030’ by the telecom agencies at the United Nations (UN), based on a statement made by the ITU-APT Foundation of India (IAFI).

According to IAFI,  TK Roy, deputy director general, Department of Telecommunications (DoT), played a crucial role in getting the notion for this connectivity to be accepted as a key usage scenario.

The 6G testbed was also launched along with the 6G document. The recommendations given by ITU provide a framework and overall objectives for 6G for the future development of IMT. The inclusion of elements of interworking across different access services was one of the key elements that were agreed upon. ITU will now develop interfaces allowing for the interworking of terrestrial 6G networks with non-terrestrial technologies like satellites.