The government has said that it is working towards setting up a fully computerised intellectual property rights (IPR) office in India. This will be similar to the US model where everything is done online.

The government has also said that a lot of sanity has been brought into the working of eight areas of IPR.

Moreover, the government has already reduced charges significantly for start-ups, artisans and women entrepreneurs.

As far as protection of traditional knowledge under India’s IPR policy is concerned, it has been notified that it extends to traditional cultural expression and is not limited to just traditional medicine. As part of its efforts to protect traditional knowledge, the government has made 360,000 formulations, which were part of traditional knowledge, available to 13 patent offices across the world.

Further, the government has already conducted an initial study to get a better understanding of the issue and is in the process of charting out a detailed roadmap for the way forward.