The government of Odisha has launched the Odisha state hydrological data centre in the department of water resources for efficient management and optimum utilisation of water.

In addition to scientific analysis of weather forecast, the date centre will collect and transmit real-time data pertaining to meteorology, stream flow, ground water, water quality and water storage measurements of water bodies. Meanwhile, an integrated command control centre has been set up for management of the data centre, inter-departmental coordination at field level, round-the-clock monitoring, and execution of government decisions during floods.

However, in light of rapid climatic change, the hydrological data centre will also provide real-time information to the agriculture, panchayati raj and drinking water, environment, forest and climate change, revenue and disaster management departments, and the office of the special relief commissioner in times of need.

Furthermore, the water resources department has initiated process to develop a water enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform which will combine various methods that will allow to define information required, collate, analyse and share with the stakeholders so the right decisions can be made.