The government-appointed panel headed by Kris Gopalakrishnan that had recently recommended a new law to regulate the sharing, commercial use and privacy of non-personal information has sought feedback from interested parties by August 13, 2020.

In its report, the nine-member panel suggested to appoint a regulator to oversee how such data is shared for sovereign, welfare, regulatory and competition uses, with a mandate to ensure individual privacy is protected and legitimacy of a request to seek data is strictly evaluated.

Recognising the need to use data for providing a level-playing field for new entrants, the committee said that global tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Uber and Amazon collect user data and mine content to make better decisions, giving them an advantage.

The report proposed rules to govern collection, analysis, sharing, distribution of gains, as well as the destruction of data. Further, it recommended creating a new ‘data business’ classification for firms collecting, processing, storing, or otherwise managing data.

The draft report also suggested that the owner of the data should provide consent for anonymisation and usage of this data by others.

Besides, it also provided technology-related guidelines for digitally implementing the recommended rules and regulations around data sharing.