In order to bolster telecom infrastructure in the border areas, the government is finalising a nearly Rs 20 billion- plan which covers more than 1,000 outposts and intelligence posts. It was reported that the proposal to install 4G telecom towers at manned paramilitary outposts is in its final stage of discussion, which will be further taken to the Union Cabinet for approval.

The plan is being looked at closely by the Department of Telecommunications and the Ministry of Home Affairs. This move comes with the increase in number of new border outposts being set up by India along the border in Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh     .

The path for improved mobile network, which was quite stringent near the border, was cleared in August 2022 following considerable inter-ministerial deliberation. Till then telecom infrastructure installation within 10 km of the border was barred and required military approval. The previous poor telecom connectivity ever forced inhabitants and paramilitary personnel to use foreign telecom network for data coverage, like the instances of locals using foreign SIM cards due to better mobile strength. Paramilitary personnel have also complained that they were unable to connect to Indian telecom network and had to resort to satellite phones as an option.