According to data released by the government, Telangana is second only to Kerala in terms of internet penetration in states in the country with 83 out of every 100 resident subscribers. Only four states have more than 80 subscribers per 100 people.

According to the report of the technical group on population projections in India and states for 2011-2036, the internet subscription details include both wireless and wired connections. Telangana has been reported to have 11.5 million rural subscribers in comparison to the 20 million urban ones. The urban areas have almost 110 internet connections per 100 population, rural areas are behind at only 57.

The state officials stated that this rapid expansion of internet in the state is due to the very smooth policies for granting permissions to build mobile networks including towers. According to the data provided from telecom service providers (TSPs) , the  Department of  Telecommunication’s (DoT) field unit and state governments as of March 2022, around 6,05,230 mobiles have internet connectivity out of 6 ,44,131 villages (as on 2019).