EXFO has launched the FTB-4 Pro platform for testing high speed and optical networks. The deployment of 100G in key markets calls for comprehensive test solutions, which are specifically designed to test 100G links effectively and efficiently. To this end, the four-slot modular FTB-4 Pro platform enables a unique combination for 100G commissioning, turn-up and troubleshooting, and includes the FTBx-88200NGE 100G multi-service tester (with iOptics transceiver validation software) and the FTB-5240S-P optical spectrum analyser.

The device transforms business as usual into smarter, scalable network testing which significantly increases operational efficiency and provides vital insights into field operations, network performance and service delivery. Further, the platform does not require carrying additional platforms or swap modules, and provides unmatched transport and spectral testing on a single platform. It supports a wide range of modules for field testing, data centre interconnection, submarine testing and lab applications for maximum flexibility across all phases of the service delivery chain. Further, the platform boasts of a 10 inch high resolution widescreen display and operates on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (OS).

The connectivity options in the device include USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile and virtual private networks. It is equipped with the tools required to maximise field testing. It works like a PC and is powered by a quad-core processor. It in­c­lu­­­des automated asset management. Therefore, the data goes through the cloud into a dynamic database.