NETGEAR has launched the ReadyNAS Rackmount 4360X network storage system. It has three EDA4000 expansion chassis and offers 1.32 petabytes of data storage on 10 terabyte enterprise hard disk drives. The device has five levels of unrivalled data protection, ReadyCLOUD flexible file sharing, ReadyDR block-level backup and disaster recovery features. It is equipped with the NETGEAR insight management application for the iOS and Android OS that enables easier set up, monitoring and management from a mobile device.

According to NETGEAR, the new device is suited for businesses that have large storage capacity needs, and demand high levels of data reliability and security. Further, it is appropriate for applications such as multi-service/multi-tenant data centre oper­ations, virtual machine backup and disaster recovery backup.

The ReadyNAS 4360X is powered by the ReadyNAS OS 6.7, which offers new enterprise-level capabilities such as synchronisation with public cloud storage services including Amazon S3, Amazon cloud drive, Google drive and Dropbox. According to the company, it is a complete hardware and software data protection solution in a single backup appliance that combines the highest density storage capacity with new usability and synchronisation features to safeguard the security and privacy of users’ data, and has the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.