Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Delhi LSA recently organised an EMF awareness programme. During the programme the officers of DoT, Delhi LSA and medical expert clarified the myth and misconception among the participants regarding EMF radiations and its effect on health.

The EMF radiation is a RF/electromagnetic energy emitted from mobile tower antenna and mobile handset are non-ionizing having very low energy. Based on scientific evidence, studies and reports available, it is found that there is no conclusive evidence of the stated danger of EMF radiation from mobile tower. Further, the EMF emissions from a mobile tower, which are below the safe limits prescribed by International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) and recommended by World Health Organisation (WHO), have no convincing scientific evidence of causing adverse health effects.

Various judgements of High Courts of India on the issues of radiation from mobile tower say that there is no conclusive data to show that radiation from mobile tower is in any way harmful or hazardous to the health of citizens.

DoT, through its field units has already taken necessary steps and adopted stricter norms for safety from EMF radiation that are emitted from mobile towers. DoT has adopted the radiation norms which are 10 times stricter than the norms prescribed by ICNIRP as recommended by WHO.

DoT and telecom service providers (TSPs) take various measures to ensure the EMF compliance of mobile towers/ base transceiver stations (BTS) to safe limits.

  • All telecom service providers ensure that radiation from mobile towers (BTSs) are within safe-limits prescribed by DoT and self-certification to this effect is submitted to respective DoT, field units on launch, whenever a change occurs and also on a biennial/triennial basis. All mobile towers start functioning commercially only after the submission of self-certification.
  • Testing of radiation of working mobile towers is regularly carried out by field unit of DoT Delhi on sample basis which is up to 10 per cent of the total working mobile towers (BTS) annually.
  • DoT has launched Tarang Sanchar, a web portal for Information sharing on mobile towers and EMF emission compliances, with a view to generate confidence and conviction with regard to safety and harmlessness from mobile towers, clearing any myths and misconceptions. The EMF portal provides a public interface where an easy map-based search feature has been provided for viewing the mobile towers in vicinity of any locality. By click of a button, information on EMF compliance status of mobile towers can be accessed. Additionally, any person can request for EMF emission measurement at his/her premises by paying a nominal fee of Rs 4000/- online.
  • Till date 43,000 mobile BTSs have been tested by DoT, Delhi LSA in Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurugram, Faridabad area and all BTSs were found EMF compliant as per DoT norms.

The Webinar was focussed to clear doubt among various stakeholders including public representatives, government departments/ agencies, RWAs, CSOs, urban local bodies/ municipalities and general public regarding misconception about EMF radiations and its effect on health and so that no hindrance is created for development of mobile towers and telecommunication infrastructure to ensure best quality of services and network coverage to one and all.