Biju Baby: Vice-President, Integration and Development, Equinix India

Biju Baby joined Equinix in 2010 as senior director, global sales strategy and deal desk. Since then, he has led several functions across the organisation’s pricing, sales strategy and operations domains. In 2018, he was appointed vice-president (VP) of corporate strategy and innovation, and in 2021, he mo­ved to India and took on a new role as VP, India, integration and development, to support Equinix’s entry and expansion in India.

Baby describes his current assignment as his most exciting one. “From a technology and data centre standpoint, it is a particularly exciting time because India is standing at the cusp of a data revolution,” he says. He notes that currently there is an im­balance between data centre capacity and demand. With de­ma­nd growing at a much faster rate, owing to the digital transformation, he expects India to observe a lot of data centre build-out activity.

According to Baby, the key trends in the ICT/IT sector are acceleration in digital transformation, adoption of hybrid multi-cloud architecture and data privacy. The focus on sustainability is another important trend across the globe. “The data centre business is seeing significant investment and acceptance of green electricity, especially given the growing urgency of tackling climate change,” he says. With 240 data centres around the world, Eq­uinix strives to preserve its collective future by taking responsibility for its share of carbon emissions and advancing a bold sustainability agenda across its business.

Baby considers India a critical market for Equinix. “We are committed to supporting India’s goal of meeting climate targets and making India a green hydrogen hub. We set a goal of 100 per cent renewable energy across the globe in 2015, and we have already surpassed 90 per cent internationally since 2020,” he notes.

As far as management style is concerned, Baby likes to em­power his team by providing context and clarification, and keeping everyone accountable, including himself. “I am a believer in continuous learning and adapting to changes,” he says. Being able to flex himself across the two roles of strategy and operations is what he describes as his greatest strength.

Baby has a BTech in me­ch­anical engineering from IIT Ma­dras, an MS in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Illinois at Ur­bana-Champaign, and an MBA from the University of Ca­li­fornia, Berkeley. He is a bi­king enthusiast and spends most weekends pursuing it. He has two children, aged 11 and 16 years.