Aprecomm has inked packed with Mauritius Telecom to deploy its artificial intelligence (AI) enabled network intelligence solutions to enhance visibility and optimise its residential Wi-Fi connections. Mauritius Telecom is the largest internet service provider (ISP) in Mauritius with cellular and high-speed broadband service distribution. This deal is expected to impact internet users from 300,000 households as it enables Mauritius Telecom to bring proactive network intelligence transformation to improve customer experience and to drastically reduce the time for resolution of customer–end issues across their broadband network.

Commenting on the partnership, Pramod Gummaraj, CEO, Aprecomm, said, “We are excited to team up with Mauritius Telecom and implement cutting-edge technology into their network in order to help them cut down on support ticket response times by as much as half and provide a dramatically better experience for their customers. Network innovation focused on customer experience could be deployed across in the coming months.”

Meanwhile, Kapil Reesaul, CEO, Mauritius Telecom, said, “Mauritius Telecom is the forefront runner in continuous investments in technology to keep innovating and providing the best service to its consumers. The partnership with Aprecomm will help us in our efforts to ensure the best experience across our broadband consumers with faster and proactive resolution of potential issues.”

The measurable improvements offered by the integration between Mauritius Telecom and Aprecomm also lead to lower maintenance cost and improved customer satisfaction for one of the country’s fastest growing ISPs.

Further, Guharajan Sivakumar, CTO, Aprecomm, said, “With Aprecomm’s vendor agnostic technology, Mauritius Telecom will be able to manage and monitor network elements through a unified interface, ensuring assured internet experience to their customers.

According to Yagianath Rosunee, CTO, Mauritius Telecom, “Network Automation will allow us to bring the best possible experience to our end customers. Measurable customer experience and proactive actions to improve it will be part of this partnership as Aprecomm technology is aligned towards Network Automation.”