According to the market research forum, Counterpoint, Apple India sales increased to 2.3 million units in the fourth quarter, witnessing a surge of 34 per cent from a year earlier. Meanwhile, Xiaomi Corporation and Samsung Electronics Company sold 9.3 million and 7.2 million smartphones for the quarter respectively, leading in terms of units.

As per Counterpoint’s estimates, Apple appears to have pulled in more revenue than any of its competitors. Apple took in an estimated $2.09 billion for the quarter, edging aside Samsung with revenue of about $2 billion.

Counterpoint also reported that for the most recent quarter, the average iPhone selling price in the country was $908, while Samsung’s was $278 and Xiaomi’s was $172. While Apple’s market share has climbed, it remains in the single digits at just over 5 per cent for the quarter. Indian market purchased 44 million smartphones in the period.