Amit Chadha, Deputy CEO and Whole-time Director, LTTS

Amit Chadha has over two decades of experience in the technology industry. As deputy chief executive officer (CEO) and whole-time director, L&T Technology Services Limited (LTTS), he lends business leadership, market direction and strategic vision to the company.

Chadha joined LTTS in 2009 as business head of Americas. Ever since, he has progressively taken on responsibility for the company’s world-wide business and helped both its organic and inorganic growth. In his current role, he is responsible for driving the overall revenue, generating new business, closing large deals and ensuring digital delivery of services. He also helps global R&D customers and Fortune 500 companies leverage LTTS’ digital engineering offerings to enable strategic differentiation and product development.

Chadha is deeply involved with the telecom and hi-tech segment, which comprises one of LTTS’ major portfolios. He foresees 5G, over-the-top services and security as the three broad trends shaping the telecom sector in the future. As for challenges, he feels that mobile supply chain disruptions and slowing demand from end-markets such as China due to the ongoing COVID 19 crisis have been weighing on the sector. “However, the good news is that we continue to see big opportunities. Overall, the telecom and hi-tech deal pipeline continues to grow, and we see multiple opportunities in the fields of VLSI (very large scale integration) design and advanced video equipment software design and development,” he says.

Building the engineering services business in 2009 in North America and Japan was his most interesting assignment. “With a number of small clients, enormous goodwill for the L&T brand and a dedicated team, we persevered in the early days,” he recalls. Chadha believes in the adage of “managing from the centre.”

Prior to  LTTS, Chadha was associated with Mahindra Satyam (earlier Satyam) and headed the company’s manufacturing sector across North America. He was also responsible for conceiving and building Satyam’s global energy and utilities business unit.

He holds a degree in electrical and electronics engineering from BIT Mesra and is certified under the global business leadership executive program from Harvard Business School Publishing. He believes in nurturing both his mind and health and enjoys reading and exercising in his spare time. He is based in Washington DC, where he stays with his wife, an engineer and their two sons.