Kavita Viswanath, General Manager, JFrog India

Coming from a technology sales background, Kavita Viswanath has spent over two decades leading enterprise sales, alliances, and strategy and planning at various core technology and e-commerce companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Flipkart.

In her current role at JFrog, she is responsible for leading the company’s research and development efforts and establishing India as one of the largest hubs of growth as far as product and core development is concerned.

According to Viswanath, DevOps as a methodology is fast gaining popularity among companies. “Organisations have immense pressure to design software that keeps the user connected, while adding novel features and security updates on an uninterrupted basis. This stimulated the evolution of DevOps when organisations identified the need to deliver software that is far more complex in nature and requires updates,” says Viswanath. “In fact, DevOps is seen as a disruption that will have a sweeping impact on software development practices. Moreover, the advent of the application economy has changed the demand landscape completely, as IT organisations are forced to relook at their IT infrastructure to cater to the new normal demands.”

That being said, Viswanath believes there is a dearth of good talent in this space, and security is fast emerging as a serious concern. “Developers are no more bound by their own technology and skill; the  time has come to look at fullstack developers as the new reality moves forward.”

On her working style, Viswanath says, “I believe in a democratic approach and want to keep the organisation’s goal and culture at the centre of decision-making. My mantra is: keep your eye on the ball, but never lose sight of the goalpost.”

A computer science engineer, Viswanath has also completed an executive general management programme from IIM Bangalore. A trekking enthusiast, she has gone on multiple expeditions – she has scaled the Stok Kangri, done the Annapurna Circuit, and trekked to the Gokyo Lakes and in the Dolomites range in Italy. She also loves running, playing badminton and reading. “I have started learning the piano and it is a new challenge each day!” she adds.

Her family comprises her husband, a banker turned baker who runs the Ovenfresh chain in Chennai and Bengaluru, and their eight-year-old daughter, who, she says, “has a great sense of humour and has all that it takes to be a stand-up comedian”.