According to Bharti Airtel, it is working with telecom gear vendors, handset makers and application developers to conceptualise5G trials. This will help the telco in showcasing its 5G capability through various enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) and industrial use cases and applications.

Airtel is already upgrading its existing 4G base stations with 5G capabilities.

In its recently released annual report for financial year (FY) 2019-2020, Airtel said that preparation for the execution of 5Gtrials has been in full swing for smooth and effective trial execution when the spectrum is available for the same.

The telco revealed that it is working with some of the world’s leading telecom gear makers to design a transport backbone network, which would help to achieve simplification using segment routing and expansion of the IP networks, to enhance its reach in rural areas. The network will be highly scalable, utilising IP and Optics synergy with 100G to 200G upgradable links that can evolve to fulfill future network requirements of slicing, traffic engineering and clocking.

According to Airtel, it is also engaging with disruptive telecom equipment vendors to developed innovative solutions customised to its requirements based on OpenRAN technology.