A report released by CyberMedia Research (CMR) stated that India is set to grow from 12 million units in Q2 2022 to 17 million in Q2 2023, showing year-over-year growth of 41 per cent. The share of 5G smartphones in the overall market is expected to grow from 31 per cent in Q2 2022 to 49 per cent in Q2 2023.

As per the report, Q2 2023 witnessed 23 5G smartphone launches in comparison to 22 launches in the same quarter in 2022. While 4G smartphone launches dipped 45 per cent, from 25 in Q2 2022 to 14 in Q2 2023.

Further, the overall smartphone shipment is predicted to decline 5 per cent yearly, from 38 million units in Q2 2022 to 36 million units in Q2 2023. Meanwhile, feature phone shipments are expected to rise 8 per cent, from 12 million units to 13 million units.