ZTE Corporation has unveiled the ZXMP M721 OD62, the first 5G fronthaul 200G outdoor optical transport network (OTN). The ZXMP M721 OD62 is easy to install and maintain, as it comes in a small size, offers high reliability and can be applied to the metro edge layer.

The device supports a bandwidth of 200G, which is requir­ed to meet the large-capacity requirements of users. It em­ploys Flex-O technology to restrict the end-to-end latency within 1 microsecond. Further, the ZXMP M721 OD62 supports synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH), Ethernet, common public radio interface (CPRI) and eCPRI, hence mee­ting the requirements of diversified scenarios. In addition, it supports Wi-Fi debugging, and can automatically implement fast service provisioning, thereby simplifying operations and maintenance.

The device addresses the mobile fronthaul network transport needs in areas of service access, transport performance, mainte­nan­ce and management, reliable operation, energy saving and emission reduction.