According to a market report by Omdia, ZTE’s optical network market share grew by 2.48 per cent in 2019 and the company’s market share increase ranking was number 1 globally.

As of date, ZTE has deployed over 400 100G and beyond-100G networks worldwide, with a total network fibre length of over 400,000 kms.

Further, as per ZTE, the company observed that highest growth in market share in Metro WDM, Backbone WDM, and OTN Switching segments. Moreover, its market share increased the most in the regions of Asia-Pacific, South, and Central America.

According to ZTE, it possesses over 400 patents and a full range of in-house core chipsets in the field of optical transmission.

In addition, ZTE is a leader in the field of optical/electrical switching, and has already launched and commercialised the all-optical switching OXC platform. The platform supports up to 32 optical directions, being the largest in the industry, and its architecture can be upgraded to 48 degrees.