The Centre has reportedly sent a fresh affidavit to the Delhi high court stating that WhatsApp is indulging in anti-users practices by obtaining ‘trick consent’ from users for its updated privacy policy.

To this end, the Centre has urged the high court to issue interim direction to WhatsApp to desist from any action of ‘push notifications’ onto users related to updated 2021 privacy policy. It also sought direction to ask WhatsApp to place on the record number of times such notifications are being pushed daily and their conversion rate.

Further, the Centre has also noted that the current notifications being pushed by WhatsApp on its users, existing and new ones, is against the “very grain of prima facie opinion of the Competition Commission of India’s order” of March 24, 2021.

Earlier in January 2021, WhatsApp had announced that it was updating its privacy policy to allow it to share some user data with parent company Facebook and other group firms.