Growing digitalisation across enterprises, rising number of smart devices and burgeoning data consumption is driving the growth of data centre market. As per industry reports, about half the world’s data will be hosted on the cloud by 2025, creating demand for infrastructure which is agile, configurable, energy efficient, cost effective and sustainable. This, in turn, requires data centre owners/operators to deploy hi-tech and innovative next-gen solutions that enable reduced and more predictable stand-up times, better PUE (power usage effectiveness), reduced carbon footprint and time and cost savings throughout the operation/lifecycle.

The mission of the webinar is to discuss the role of innovative digital and technology solutions in effectively managing the planning, construction and operations of data centres.


  • What are the key challenges faced in data centre operations with respect to speed and uptime?
  • What are some of the key technologies/solutions being used by the industry to shorten the stand-up time?
  • What are industry views on deployment of virtual twin technology for data centre operations?
  • What are the challenges related to sustainability and resiliency aspects when constructing data centres? How can these be resolved?
  • How is the industry managing the growing energy and water consumption requirements of data centres?
  • What are some of the time and cost-effective innovative solutions that can be explored for data centre operations?

The webinar is targeted at CEOs/CXOs and senior-level officials from data centre companies, owners/developers/operators of data centres, users of captive data centres, and sector consultants.

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