Nikhil Rathi, Founder & CEO, Web Werks

How can cloud engineering support the operations of large enterprises?

Large enterprises comprise extensive operations on a day-to-day basis which makes them feel the need to redefine their portfolios, build margins, alter architectures and establish themselves in a strong market and cost position. A Cloud-Ready operating model could bring in simplicity, quick implementation options, and easy adoptions, empowering businesses with dynamic operational agility and business resilience. Businesses could get all the cloud computing services under a single roof which consists of colocation services, a rich interconnection ecosystem, ease of migration, support, and synchronized with effective cloud infrastructure.

Web Werks VMX is a specially crafted cloud platform that has been designed to help our customers deliver higher business value in all phases of your IT operations, i.e., across private cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud.

What services does VMX offer to ensure scalability and cost-effectiveness?

  • Connected Baremetal (High end) machines: Cloud migration sometimes becomes too tedious for businesses due to high cost, risks, and complexities. Web Werks VMX builds a secure infrastructure at a low cost with its connected bare metal cloud service. The platform assures sufficient storage space, unlimited traffic, additional storage, and optimum anti-DDoS technology to ensure utmost security from sophisticated attacks.
  • Web Werks VMX Hosted Private Cloud for HIPPA and PCI DSS complied industry with a multi-regional approach: VMX Hosted Private Cloud is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform for real-time cloud operations and database management and holds the power to free your business from the complexity and cost of legacy IT in the long run. Web Werks VMX Hosted Private Cloud for hosted private cloud assures delivery of predictable performance to each workload, scales with ease, ensures next-gen automation to get rid of manual tasks.
  • Web Werks VMX DR: Disaster Recovery solutions: Losing data due to natural calamities could be the worst nightmare for businesses. VMX’s data protection strategies assure 100% data back-up and recovery by safeguarding data across hybrid infrastructure, along with remote and cluster backup systems. VMX is perfectly engineered to cater to modern business data.
  • Public Cloud-as-a-Service to launch DBaaS, AI, ML, and analytics integration: Public Cloud as a Service at Web Werks VMX enables businesses to experience on-demand scalability & flexibility, potent self-management, and highly optimized IT budgets. Businesses could experience minimized operational complexity to migrate and extend the data and apps throughout the clouds. Web Werks VMX lets businesses get the most from the next-gen cloud infra where they experience the ease of adopting private and public clouds for a hybrid strategy.

In what ways, will the cloud-engineering platform support data backup and disaster recovery solutions?

Web Werks VMX’s data protection strategies assure 100% data back-up and recovery by safeguarding data across hybrid infrastructure, along with remote and cluster backup systems. Web Werks VMX is perfectly engineered to cater to modern business data. The Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) assists customers to plan, designing, and managing high-functioning DR sites in hyper-converged infrastructure. The Disaster Protection (DP) & Disaster Recovery (DR) plans help reduce the impact of disruption and recover data in the blink of an eye. Web Werks VMX ties up with traditional and modern businesses to tackle challenges in terms of ensuring business continuity plan, identifying & responding to disruption, disaster recovery orchestration, cyber-attacks, and so on.

How does Web Werks VMX plan to enhance data security?

Our security solutions are much more than just management and access. We provide complete encrypted solutions from storage, transit, processing, and consumption.  

What are the limitations of cloud engineering platforms? How are data centers positioned to address them?

Today enterprises have varied needs and these needs are addressed by different cloud providers. However, with multiple cloud consumption covering security across the platforms becomes an uphill task. Data Centers like Web Werks provide a single management pane to manage our customer’s multi-cloud environment. This delivers a holistic view of security controls across the environments, provides simplicity in management and migration. Additionally, a multi-cloud setup is accessed through a secure low latency network.

Web Werks VMX is an enterprise-class cloud infrastructure that has been designed to withstand the most demanding workloads, requiring a secure and compliant operational framework with in-build benefits for network, and storage. Web Werks Data Centers offer a choice of network partners that offer a great throughput and low latency, backed by a superior system performance that instantly delivers data to business applications. Customers can choose from a broad range of IP transit providers, peering exchanges, Cloud-on-ramp services, metro connectivity, and physical as well as virtual cross-connects.