VVDN Technologies (VVDN) has appointed Puneet Agarwal as the new CEO of the company. Agarwal is currently serving as the co-founder and president of global sales and wireless engineering at VVDN.

This development has come in the backdrop of the passing away of VVDN’s co-founder and CEO Bhupender Saharan.

According to the company, VVDN is well-positioned to continue supporting its customers and all stakeholders with the same momentum and spirit.

Commenting on the development, Ramesh Singh, chairman of the VVDN board of directors, said, “The entire VVDN team and the Board is extremely confident that Puneet, with the support of its other co-Founders (Vivek Bansal and Murali Jayaraman), will continue to work with the same unwavering energy and spirit to honor and celebrate Bhupi’s extraordinary life. The Board will continue to extend its support to best maximize VVDN’s performance over the long term.”