Vodafone Idea (Vi) has moved the Supreme Court highlighting arithmetical errors made by the government in calculating the operator’s AGR dues. In its appeal to the SC, Vi has sought a modification on orders that adjudged the claimed Rs 584 billion to be the final amount.

This development has come in the backdrop of Airtel filing a similar petition in the SC.

However, unlike Airtel Vi has not called on the SC to recall its earlier mistaken orders.

As per the Department of Telecommunication’s calculation, Vi is supposed to pay Rs 584 billion in AGR dues. Of this, Vi has paid Rs 78.54 billion and now owes the government Rs 504 billion, which can be paid in 10 equal instalments through March 31, 2031.

As per Vi’s estimates, its AGR liability should have amounted to Rs 215.33 billion. However, the SC had barred telcos from self-assessing their dues, and went with the DoT’s claimed amounts.