Viavi Solutions has announced the launch of an advanced self-optimsing network (SON) solution called GEOson, which is the industry’s only machine learning location intelligence solution for the performance optimisation of 2G, 3G and 4G networks. GEOson delivers the ability to dynamically and automatically adapt the radio access network (RAN) in real time for optimal customer experience. It combines subscriber-level intelligence from the ariesoGEO platform with the InteliSON self-organising network portfolio acquired from Reverb Networks.

The key features of GEOson include:

  • Support for the widest range of infrastructure vendors and cellular technologies in the industry, from GSM to Universal Mobile Telecommunications System and long term evolution evolving to new technologies as they become standardised.
  • InteliSON algorithm combines intelligence from RAN and operational support systems with subscriber-level geo-location data to automatically implement load balancing, interference reduction, self-healing and automatic neighbour relations.
  • Machine learning algorithms can predict the effects of changes to help ensure stable operation rather than the prevailing SON paradigm of trial and error.
  • Available in a software-as-a-service model and virtualised.
  • Optimisation pushed to mobile devices, forcing active devices to perform load-based handover based on a user’s traffic requirements and radio conditions.
  • Coordination and orchestration of self-optimising actions across centralised and distributed SON (C-SON and D-SON), helping to resolve conflicts, race conditions, bounce and glare between the various controlling layers.
  • Industry-leading efficiency and scalability, running on commodity servers with horizontal scalability.