Viavi Solutions has introduced the industry’s first 10 GbE Ethernet Microprobe, which provides a tenfold increase in cap­acity with embedded application-aware intelligence in the enhanced small form-factor pluggable (SFP+) size.

Although mobile networks worldwide are at different stages of development between 3G and 5G, all of them are following a common path, involving network function virtualisation and capacity increases at all layers to support the surging traffic. To note, 100 Gbps backbones are emerging now and with these, the aggregation layers are advancing to 10 Gbps. Currently, SFP+ Ethernet probes have been limited to 1 Gbps, creating a gap in visibility at higher speeds. Based on the requirements of its installed base of operators, Viavi’s new technology seeks to fill this gap by evolving its PacketPortal 1 GbE SFP+ probe to support increased capacity while maintaining the size and form factor to provide operators with deployment flexibility. This development anticipates the significantly higher transport and backhaul speeds required to implement 5G networks. It also enables passive analysis of voice, video and data traffic, providing customers a real-time understanding of application distribution, traffic patterns and traffic bursts. This helps in troubleshooting individual network segments and network elements to ensure a high subscriber quality of experience. The PacketPortal 10 GbE Ethernet Micro­probe is part of Viavi’s broader portfolio for real-time end-to-end network visibility and intelligence-enabling assurance in both physical and virtual environments.