Vodafone Idea Limited (Vi) has stated that its management is drawing up a new business plan for the company and speaking to other stakeholders about possible funding requirements after the launch of the government’s relief package.

In the company’s annual general meeting (AGM) held recently, Himanshu Kapania, non-executive chairman, Vi, stated that the government’s relief package is expected to provide short-term relief to the company while the structural reforms will strengthen Vi’s operations over the long run.

Kapania said that the relief package will have an impact on the company as well as the sector, particularly the liquidity it offers. The moratorium on all dues will enable Vi to further enable its 4G coverage and capacity and provider deeper rural connect. It will also allow the brand to invest in new technologies and services including 5G whenever the ecosystem is ready and spectrum affordable, he stated.

Further, Kapania stated that the reforms will address longstanding issues in the sector and enable telcos to manage their free cash flow while enabling new capex to be deployed for long-term digital infrastructure.