Vi is revamping the backbone scalability and service resiliency by deploying fifth generation coherent optical solutions from Ciena. As consumers, enterprises, and content players look to embrace smarter digital experiences across India, Vi’s new 300G/400G backbone network increases scale and performance in an energy and cost-efficient manner.

The increasing and changing traffic patterns across India requires new levels of capacity, flexibility, resiliency, and programmability. With broader network coverage and faster broadband made possible by Ciena, Vi aims at maximising fibre capacity and network efficiencies to prepare for 5G.

Vi’s collaboration with Ciena is in line with the service provider’s strategy to build a future-fit network for emerging technologies such as 5G, to drive digital growth in India. Vi has deployed Ciena’s 6500 packet-optical platform powered by WaveLogic 5 extreme for high speed 300G/400G services, upgradable to 800G. With the ability to tune capacity for maximum agility while also reducing energy consumption, Vi delivers connectivity in a cost-efficient and environmentally-friendly manner to customers across India. Ciena’s manage, control and plan (MCP) domain controller also provides Vi with analytical insights to optimise network performance, enhancing its customers’ digital experiences.

Commenting on the development, Jagbir Singh, chief technology officer, Vi, said, “Escalating demand for data requires a high-capacity and resilient network that can thrive not only today but for years to come. Preparing a future-fit network, through our partnership with Ciena, will enable Vi subscribers to experience world-class highly available, scalable connectivity and realise the benefits of cloud, IoT, and 5G in future.”

Meanwhile, Ryan Perera, vice president and general manager, Ciena India, said, “Today’s competitive environment requires operators like Vi to operate a higher performing network with maximum agility at a lower cost per bit. With the network playing an increasingly important role to support digital applications today, Vi’s transformed network is ready for prime time.”