Vi Business, the enterprise arm of Vodafone Idea Limited (Vi), has partnered with Trilliant to provide integrated internet of things (IoT) solutions for smart metering projects in India. According to a joint statement, the partnership will help both companies to leverage joint domain expertise to create and implement integrated IoT solutions for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects in India. The partnership also seeks to strengthen the government’s Digital India mission and transform the country’s power distribution sector by converting the targeted 250 million electricity metres across the country into smart metres.

According to the Vi Business, synergy between both companies creates a bundled offering of connectivity, cloud and headend system (HES) with managed services to help master system integrators (MSI)/advanced metering infrastructure service providers (AMISPs) deliver and sustain critical service-level agreements (SLAs) for AMI projects in India. Collaboration with Trilliant will allow Vi Business to leverage its global experience of Unity Suite HES that complies with IS 15959, enabling both daily metre reads and interval data. The partnership offers discoms complete network visibility, transparency of operations and SLA management of complex AMI projects.

Commenting on the partnership, Arvind Nevatia, chief enterprise business officer, Vi, said, “As a market leader in integrated IoT and with extensive experience in smart metering, Vi Business remains focused on empowering discoms, citizens and service providers to grow and reinvent in a smart and sustainable way. We strongly believe that our partnership with Trilliant will allow us to leverage their capability to deploy large-scale AMI projects and help us deliver advanced IoT solutions for the utility providers of tomorrow, driving faster implementation of AMI in India. This collaboration also demonstrates our strong commitment in the energy and utility space in the country and will help discoms reap the benefits of AMI solutions in a secure and integrated way.”

Meanwhile, Dan Lambert, chief solutions officer, Trilliant, said, “We are delighted to be partnering with a leading communications provider like Vi Business, and the significant opportunities it presents to both parties, and most importantly to India. To date, Trilliant has deployed more than 1.5 million smart metres from six different metre vendors in India, for seven utilities in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana states. We are looking forward to better supporting utilities in India with the combination of Trilliant’s depth of global experience in the AMI and IoT space, and Vi’s brand, its best-in-class solutions and stellar track record.”