The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has recommended all satellite frequency bands to be used for providing satellite-based low-bit-rate connectivity, as a part of licensing framework for satellite connectivity applications.

Furthermore, TRAI also recommended that for the provision of satellite-based connectivity for IoT and low-bit-rate applications, the relevant service licensees may provide connectivity as per scope of their authorisation for any kind of network topology model including hybrid model, aggregator model and direct-to-satellite model. The relevant existing authorizations under Unified Licensing framework may be suitably amended for enabling satellite-based low-bit-rate connectivity, TRAI said.

Meanwhile, TRAI also suggested that the service licensees should be mandated to establish the Earth Station in India corresponding to the chosen foreign satellite system following security purposes. It has also been recommended that DoT should put in place a comprehensive, simplified, integrated, end-to-end coordinated, single window online common portal for all the agencies involved in grant of various approvals or permissions.