According to the Tower and Infrastructure Providers Association (TAIPA), the tower companies in West Bengal and Odisha are in a state of readiness to mitigate the impact of cyclone Yaas on states’ telecom infrastructure.

Further, it added that there are teams deployed to deal with any damage to telecom installations and restore connectivity in both the states. In case of electricity outage for a longer duration of time, its IP members have ensured adequate amount stock of diesel and DG sets to keep the sites running in Odisha and West Bengal, TAIPA said.

In his regard, T R Dua, director-general (DG), TAIPA, said that all infrastructure provider (IP) members have taken necessary measures including preparedness in terms of cell on wheels (CoW), arrangement of spare batteries, and adequate amount of diesel and generator sets. Further, he added that the movement of telecom personnel will be a big challenge because of the wind speed and heavy rainfall, therefore, we have requested the state officials and Department of Telecommunications (DoT) for arranging the accommodation of the telecom personnel at the nearby impacted areas.

TAIPA has also written to the chief secretaries of West Bengal and Odisha seeking urgent support and intervention on several matters which include availability of diesel for the tower sites, unrestricted movement of frontline field staff/technicians for accessing telecom tower sites and availability of uninterrupted and priority electricity for towers and CoW deployment.