According to Deloitte India, telecom operators are likely to continue with minor tweaks in mobile plans but may avoid significant hike in broader tariffs in the short-run, as they prioritise market share gains amid ongoing sectoral challenges.

Further, it added that despite ongoing challenges, the telecom sector offers headroom for growth, particularly in areas such as broadband as well as 5G, whose advent is expected to spur enterprise revenue streams for telcos.

Till now, the operators were rolling out products that were one-size-fits-all, but over the last 6-8 months, they have started to identify premium subscribers and are looking at how to tap into these segments of users, who can pay more for added convenience or services. As a result, while some marginal tweaks in tariffs may happen in specific pockets, a broader tariff hike is unlikely in the short-run, Deloitte added.