Tektronix has introduced the Keithley DMM7512 dual-channel 7½-digit sa­m­pling multimeter. The device packs two independent and identical digital multimeters into a low-profile 1U high, full rack width space-saving enclosure. It  is suitable for a range of high volume manufacturing test applications, which require measurement capacity, high performance and a compact footprint.

The DMM7512 enables test engineers to capture transient signals and waveforms (including low-level waveforms such as battery drain currents) with the help of its 1M sample/s, 18-bit digitiser that has a voltage sensitivity of 1µV and a current sensitivity of 0.1nA. This eliminates the need for a separate instrument to capture waveform parameters. With its capacity to store about 27.5 million time-stamped readings, each DMM can capture a waveform’s full profile and trigger a variety of parameters.

This channel provides 10nV, 0.1µ ohms, and 1pA sensitivities for direct current (DC) measurements on low power components. Additionally, it supports high accuracy, low resistance measurements with offset compensated Ohms, four-wire measurements, and dry circuit measurements. It also maximises the test-uncertainty ratio for higher quality control with narrow one-year DC voltage accuracies.

Moreover, the DMM7512 reduces test time by executing test scripts through its Embedded Test Script Processor (TSP) for production environments. This helps in saving PC command communication time since the PC does not need to send a command for every instrument action. Further, one DMM in the DMM7512 can be conveniently set up as the master controller in order to execute test routines and control other instruments through Keithley’s TSP-Link instrument-to-instrument interface.