Badrinarayanan Jagannathan, Vice President – IT Applications, Juniper Networks

Technology is embedded in everything we do today. Data consumption continues to grow and organisations are trying to identify insights from the quantum of data they collect.

The number one focus in many organisations today is drive value from the data. 2020 will see continued focus in the areas of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Tools and solutions that enable business decision makers to analyse data and drive insights at scale will be of critical focus. Automation plays a critical part in enabling AI/ML and that trend will continue.

Secondly, there will be  continued focus on migration to cloud and adopting cloud native tool sets to transform the way IT organisations work. This is critical for large companies to leverage the value from the cloud and make their organisations more agile.

Focus on the security is given in the current environment we operate. Protecting the organisation both from within and outside are critical. We are in a 24*7 world, where stakeholders want to perform their work from anywhere, with any device, connecting to the enterprise networks. Cyber threat from individuals who are out to get at corporates is real and continues to become more sophisticated. I expect this will only get more intense in the future.

To conclude, the power of insights from data is critical and a secure, automated, cloud with the right tooling is going to provide the organisations the necessary ability to succeed. I see these areas as focus in 2020.