Ishaan Singh Bedi, CEO, Synchronized

The world is changing quickly around us at an unmatched speed of consistently developing technology. Those who have sowed in technology are now reaping its fruits, and those others are regretting it. Someone has said with honesty, always think ahead of your time – success will be on your steps. The time has flown far away for those who haven’t understood the technology yet. Precisely if you want to grow your business, you need to understand the value of technology, its involvement, how it implements in the processes, or how regularly improvisation and upgradations will improve your business quality. If we are talking about the supply chain industry, we should understand its technological requirement, where technology plays an important role. Logistics is one of the prominent aspects of every organization, manufacturing to any other sector.

The supply chain industry demands product safety, on-time delivery, and zero error process involvement, which are the requirements that cannot compete with limited manual support. Here, technology plays such a crucial role in the processes where all needed things for the process will become more convenient with its help. Today, any client needs are day by day increasing, demand for instant satisfaction is like lightning-speed. A customer requires real-time updates, on-demand package tracking with the standardized distribution, and expects immediate analytics, the aftermath to measure the achieved success rate. Today a client satisfaction is not depending on the enhanced quality processes only. The supply chain is being weighed today on the contemporary model versus the traditional warehousing and distribution model.

To understand the technology focus of any 3PL, we have to understand the technology being used by existing 3PL companies during process requirements. The best 3PL provider should be tech-focused and better hold on to its self-developed technology. A 3PL can share its solutions to streamline package warehousing and distribution. Some good 3PL companies offer updated tech tools and software that help integrate data from multiple sources. They use software to link warehouse and distribution processes so vital information can flow throughout the supply chain. The combination of logistics and technology provides a complete end-to-end supply chain solution. One of the best examples of 3PL service technology is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). It is an amalgamation of systems and processes that allow manufacturers to make it easy to share a document.

A variety of transactional information with the vendors, suppliers, and brands is now available through EDI, which comes in handy in e-commerce supply chain solutions. The EDI system help in the speed and accuracy of manufactures business-related documents which need to share with their various counterparts. Some companies using order technology software, which is usually a cloud-based system. It helps a logistics provider to automate the supply chain, inventory transportation, and warehousing management.

A technology software can integrate other software systems with an online storefront to facilitate streamlined information. This software can also connect directly to the warehousing facilities and technology systems. It offers real-time info to track and trace, inventory labelling, and other additional valuable information for the process. A technology-focused 3PL helps its clients saving their time through automation processes. Instead of manually sending orders to a 3PL every day, technology software can eliminate this step for clients since a 3PL’s software technology integrates directly with online storefronts. The warehouse where products location will automatically notify sooner a new order comes in. Each order of this step is documented and updated in real-time so, the status of every order as it moves through picking, packing, and shipping smart track is also available. This step unlocks the supply chain visibility of searching for specific needs, and it also enables a client to manage the inventory and sales. The technology software integration steps in the order technology process to be automated reordering, checking product levels, and processing returns. It saves time and helps get deliveries to customers sooner.

A 3PL gains insights for data-driven decisions using the advanced metrics provided by the software. It helps us to eliminate guesswork when making future decisions for shipping and logistics. Warehouse management systems (WMS) and transportation management systems (Primex) can be a boon for any retail or e-commerce business looking for better logistics management. Over time, by sticking with the same 3PL and technology software, more data is collected lead to more informed strategic decisions. The technology helps reduce errors when clients send orders to their 3PL data entry. The smallest error of an address typo error or incorrect listing of the goods can cause disastrous problems. It could lead to exchanges, replacements, and returns that are expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming for customers.

Having a technology-focused 3PL automates such processes by integrating systems directly, which can cut down on the chances of human error or duplication of orders. These connected systems also allow the client with a transparent look into how their 3PL is performing. By connecting the needful steps and supply chain processes, it is possible to view the accuracy of the 3PL as each step has now improved. It will make customer service better, which keeps a customer happy because the process is going excellent. Technology software can help give the client a complete picture to improve or continue with what is already working. Since the 3PL technology provides the most up to date information to any customer inquiries can be answered immediately with accuracy. It enables greater consistency, precision, and transparency that convey best to the customer.