Surendra Shenoy, Chief Technology Officer, Quadgen Wireless Solutions Private Limited

Surendra Shenoy comes with expertise in network design, implementation and optimisation as well as in network management of large-scale cellular, small cell and carrier Wi-Fi networks. Du­ring a career spanning over 15 years, he has worked with global telecom majors such as AT&T and T-Mobile.

He is currently chief technology officer at Quadgen Wireless Solutions Private Li­mi­­ted and heads the operati­o­ns of the company’s public Wi-Fi initiatives and projects. He leads the company’s network of more than 5,000 public Wi-Fi hot­spots across India, which provides consumers, corporations, governments and institutions with high speed carrier-grade Wi-Fi services. In addition, She­noy is responsible for technical evaluations for next-generat­ion technologies such as the in­­ternet of things (IoT) and 5G.  According to Shenoy, “Developments in the Wi-Fi, IoT and 5G domains are bringing up exciting new use cases in connectivity, education and healthcare.” How­ever, he believes that providing reliable and ubiquitously available carrier-grade Wi-Fi infrastructure connectivity for the rural areas still remains a challenge. “Ser­ving the underserved rural population by offering 5G sp­ee­ds with high reliability and full maintainability will ensure widespread adoption of broadband services and help bridge the digital divide,” he adds.

When asked about his most memorable assignment, he recalls the network optimisation project he was a part of prior to the roll-out of the first 4G networks in Washington DC during 2010-11. The project involved collaboration with original equipment manufacturers, handset players and operators to ensure that the best possible network was presented to customers. “It was a very satisfying experience to see never-before spe­eds and qua­lity of service on our handsets when the network went live. It gave me an end–to-end perspective on the magic that wireless networks are,” he says.

Shenoy believes in empowering his team with all possible tools and the freedom to take decisions in line with the company’s business strategies.

He has a bachelor’s degree in electronics from Mumbai University and a master’s in telecommunications from Dr­e­xel University, Philadelphia. He also has a management deg­ree in corporate strategy fr­om New York University. His family comprises his wife Avanti, who is an accountant by profession, and their three-year old son, Abhinav. During his spare time, Shenoy likes to read books, watch cricket and play with his son.