Suhale Kapoor, Executive Vice-President and Co-Founder, Absolutdata

Suhale Kapoor, executive vice-president and co-founder of analytics company Absolutdata, has over 20 years of experience in operations, marketing, logistics, and information management systems. In his current role, he is responsible for managing the company’s finance and technology functions and building its business with clients across the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. Before co-founding Absolutdata, Kapoor spent five years with Mitsubishi Corporation in international trade, investments and re-engineering.

The tech veteran believes that the telecom industry is complex, involving multiple services and vast data. Deploying analytics solutions in the sector is, therefore, a challenge. “In this market, each player has its analytics requirements and nuances, and bringing them together is no easy task,” he says. Further, he feels that the telecom sector has had a tough time during the Covid-19 crisis since it has been central to people’s communication needs amidst social isolation. However, he is confident that the increasing network traffic, stringent regulatory checks, and a competitive environment will unfurl a superior experience for customers and open up opportunities for tech and telecom titans over the next year. According to him, 5G, IoT devices, AI, AR, a multi-cloud environment, and self-organising networks will be the dominant trends in the technology space in 2021.

Although Kapoor has worked on many exciting projects at Absolutdata, he found a recent project focused on network analytics particularly interesting. “For one telecom company, we used a variety of advanced data analytics techniques – forecasting payloads, using game theory to determine the next steps based on competitor actions, identifying financial metrics, network modelling, financial modelling, decision-optimisation algorithms and scenario creation – to help it plan and forecast its network optimisation and planning efforts,” he recalls.

Kapoor’s management style is based on giving people the freedom to work, embracing different ideas that bring perspective to problem solving, and letting expertise take precedence. “I ensure I am aware of the developments in the client domain, which enables me to develop futuristic and scalable solutions,” he says. He believes agility and perseverance are his biggest strengths.

Kapoor has an MBA from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and an undergraduate degree in economics from Delhi University. He is a travel and music enthusiast and was a part of a band sometime back. “Now I just enjoy playing music for my peace and relaxation,” he says.