Sudhir Tangri, Country General Manager and VP, Keysight Technologies, India

An electronics and telecommunications engineer, Sudhir Tangri has over 25 years of experience in the test and measurement, tele­co­mmunications, software and semiconductor industry, with ex­pertise in sales and marketing. During his long professional ca­r­eer, Tangri has successfully led major business transformation programmes, across multiple leadership roles, through effective ch­ange management strategies and structured organisational deve­lopment interventions for better organisational performance.

Tangri currently serves as country general manager and vice-president at Keysight Technologies, India. “The last seven years of Keysight have been very transformative and I have been leading this transformation for Keysight in India. We have been clocking a high growth rate for Keysight in India fuelled mainly by our cutting-edge products and solutions,” he says.

Tangri believes that the adoption of 5G is one of the recent trends in the telecom market. “The introduction of 5G will enhance the use cases of Industry 4.0, industrial internet of things (IoT), connected vehicles and non-terrestrial networks in the near future.” Meanwhile, he is of the opinion that open radio access net­work (O-RAN) architecture of 5G technology has fundamentally reduced the threshold for most companies in the market as it provides huge flexibility in the optimisation of services.

With the introduction of 5G technology, the market is set to transform rapidly on the back of big data, cloud, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Tangri believes that the telecom la­ndscape has evolved at a phenomenal pace with disruptive technologies and shifting consumer behaviour. “The top challenges in the telecom industry are undoubtedly the growing demand for di­gitalisation and new use cases arising with the increasing adoption of 5G,” he notes.

As per Tangri, his most exciting assignment remains the transformation of Keysight from a producer of hardware products to a software solution delivery platform. “We are performing dynamically in the wireless domain and are always excited about the tra­nsformations that we create for the best customer experience and growth in the global market,” he adds. He believes his strength lies in transforming large organisations to deliver phenomenal growth with a people-centric approach to business.

Tangri has pursued his edu­c­a­tion from Gulbarga Uni­ver­­si­ty, Karnataka, where he was a gold medallist and a university to­pper. He has two children, a tee­n­age dau­g­hter and a son, who is cu­rr­ently pursuing a com­mercial pilot ca­­det prog­ra­mme. When asked about his spare time, Tan­gri says, “I try to utilise whatever li­ttle time I get for self-realisation.”