Skye Air has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Himachal Pradesh government for the deployment of unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems across the state. As a part of the MoU, the state government will provide support, data and information for project operation, ensuring integration of all pilots and state-owned drones with the UTM system, to facilitate tracking of drone flight operations and maintaining law.

The UTM system implementation in Himachal Pradesh will be done in three phases, integration of government-registered drones, pilot training and making registrations open for private drones in the Shimla district in the first phase. The second phase will expand to larger areas, integrating manned traffic from airports and helipads. Finally, the third phase will focus on implementing UTM in the remaining districts based on priority and departmental requirements.

Skye Air will also conduct workshops to provide hands-on training to local stakeholders, drone operators and authorities on the usage and advantages of the UTM system.