Scytale Alpha has launched India’s first quantum secure communication platform to shape the millennium in next 25 years. Scytale Alpha’s innovative messenger and video conferencing stack offer unparalleled technological and physical security. At its core, the platform embodies future-proof security measures, and it ensures complete privacy, security, and data ownership, heralding it as India’s first quantum secure communication platform.

Aligned with the Prime Minister’s vision of developing indigenous technologies with Indian characteristics, Scytale Alpha pioneers communication security. By bringing communication security to the forefront, it ensures India’s communication networks are robust, secure, and in alignment with the nation’s unique needs.

At its core, the platform embodies future-proof security measures. It provides an on-premises solution, guaranteeing user data never leaves a secure space, ensuring absolute ownership, security, and privacy. Employing advanced post-quantum cryptographic key exchange and a quantum random number generator (QRNG), the platform enables secure mutual handshakes between clients, rendering prediction and hacking virtually impossible.

Commenting on the launch, wing commander Satyam Kushwaha (retired), director, Scytale Alpha said, “In a world defined by geopolitical uncertainties, securing India’s communication backbone has become an imperative, guaranteeing absolute control over governance, strategic operations, law enforcement, and diplomatic exchanges. Addressing the urgent need for a communication infrastructure that safeguards India’s sovereignty, we acknowledge the challenge posed by existing platforms, often vulnerable due to servers located outside India’s jurisdiction. Our company presents a pioneering solution designed to protect both formal and informal communications, eliminating vulnerabilities that could compromise national interests.”

The launch of the national quantum mission the government presents a golden opportunity for India to make substantial strides in quantum computing and related technologies. Given the favourable conditions at hand, India stands poised to play a pivotal role in this field. The mission’s potential impacts on healthcare, sustainability, clean energy, climate change, employment, and various other domains highlight its far-reaching significance for every Indian citizen.