The Supreme Court (SC) has adjourned the hearing in the one-time spectrum charge (OTSC) case to next week.

Earlier, the apex court had dismissed a petition by telcos challenging the levy ofOTSC by the government.

The OTSC dues are based on the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) rules which require a telecom operator holding beyond 6.2 MHz/circle between July 2008 and December 31, 2012, to pay a one-time market-linked price for the excess spectrum held. The telcos are required to pay the market price for airwave holdings beyond 4.4 MHz/circle between January 2013 till the expiry of their respective licences.

According to industry experts, the case will have a significant impact on the sector as incase the ruling favors telcos, their liabilities will be reduced by over 60 per cent of the Rs 250 billion amount being demanded by the DoT.

The tussle started with the government’s decision to charge telcos OTSC in the wake of the SC cancelling 122 telecom permits in 2012.