Satyendra Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, Aksh Optifibre

Satyendra Gupta has experience of over 31 years in fi­el­ds such as operations, finance, ac­counts, taxation, and legal and secretarial practice. As deputy managing director, Aksh Opti­­fibre, he is responsible for the company’s operations and ma­na­ge­ment decisions, implementing its long- and short-term plans, while ensuring ade­quate re­tur­ns to stakeholders.

According to Gupta, the broad trends shaping the sector are the ramp-up of 4G networks, the advent of 5G, increasing data needs and the introduction of FTTH services for last-mile co­n­­­nec­tivity. However, he feels that cash-strapped telecom companies are finding it difficult to invest large am­oun­ts in building network capacities. He believes that while opportunities are emerging in the OFC space given the growing data needs, multiple challenges exist such as excess capacities and softening pri­ces. “The possible slowdown in China may affect the OFC industry worldwide, as China will look to dump its excess production across the globe,” he notes.

Over the years, Gupta has worked with several organisations including Mawana Su­gars, Delton Cables and Siel Limited. However, his journey at Aksh has been the most interesting and enriching of these. He was instrumental in raising $40 million through global depository receipts and foreign currency convertible bonds in 2008 for expanding Aksh’s IPTV and VoIP businesses. “Given that both the businesses were at a nascent stage at that time, getting investors onboard was particularly challenging, but equally rewarding as well,” he says.

In terms of management style, Gupta emphsises strongly on step-by-step learning and evolution. He believes that for any organisation to be successful, it must develop its manpower as its biggest asset. Hen­ce, building a strong team and guiding it in achieving the organisation’s targets are a key priority for him.

Gupta’s integrity to work and high ethical standards are strengths that have helped him immensely in his career. His decisions are based on the dual principles of value for shareholders and value for employees. As for his weaknesses, he considers his impulsive nature as the biggest one and is working hard to get rid of it.

Gupta is a chartered ac­c­o­untant. Wh­en taking a break from work, he likes to wat­ch business news and family shows on TV. He en­­­joys spen­ding time with his wife and their two sons, both of whom are lawyers. Gupta is also a huge cricket fan and follows the game enthusiastically.