Sathesh Murthy is an accom­pli­­shed R&D leader with 27 years of experience in building industry-leading enterprise data management products and cloud data services. In his current role as senior vice president – engine­e­ring and managing director at RingCentral India, he is responsible for tapping business opportunities for RingCentral in India and driving innovation. He primarily focuses on building a str­o­ng engineering organisation.

RingCentral is a leader in the unified communications-as-a-service space. “We have made great progress in the last two years in building our infrastructure in India, and working with the Department of Telecommunications and the Telecom Regu­latory Authority of India for licence approvals. As more global corporations turn to the country to establish satellite offices and develop technology hubs, they will need fully compliant, enterprise-grade solutions to ensure business continuity and seamless communications. This presents a tremendous opportunity for RingCentral,” Murthy explains. According to him, the top trends that will drive the telecom sector in the next decade include 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things, smart cities, cloud computing and cybersecurity. “While each trend is disruptive by itself, the biggest impact will come from the innovations in AI and how organisations leverage it for better automation, improved customer experience and operational agility, all of it leading to significantly better business outcomes,” he notes.

Prior to working at RingCentral, Murthy was site leader and head of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure AI and Data Services organisation in India, where he was responsible for building a comprehensive set of future-ready cloud AI and data services. He also served as the MD and vice president of engineering at Informatica India.

Murthy describes himself as an innovator at heart. “Over the past three decades, I have had the opportunity to build engineering teams that drive innovation, embrace the changing technology landscape, focus on customers, and build best-of-breed enterprise scale products and solutions,” he says. He believes that the real assets for any organisation are the people. “We should invest in our people across all levels and create an environment for them to perform, learn and grow,” he adds.

Murthy has a master’s degree in computer science. He is a sports enthusiast and an avid reader. He also volunteers at the Spa­s­tics Society of Karnataka. His family comprises his wife and two children.