Ruchin Kumar, Vice President, South Asia, Futurex

With over 24 years of experience, Ruchin Kumar is an IT security sales leader in the APAC region. Throughout his career, he has held key sales management roles and regional directorships at global cryptography providers in India and South Asia.

In his current role, he oversees the South Asia sales team, leading Futurex’s efforts to expand its presence throughout the region. “We work with government organisations, financial institutions, major distributors, and innovative new companies to provide Fut­u­rex’s industry-leading cryptographic solutions to an ever-expanding global market,” he explains.

According to Kumar, India’s payments sector has seen rapid growth over the past few years, with some of the largest on-pre­mi­ses HSM users being banks and government institutions. “How­ever, except for providers like Futurex that operate data centres within India, there are not many cloud solution providers that can meet India’s compliance requirements. Thus, some organisations find their cloud options to be rather limited. As more cloud providers adapt to changing regulations, and more organisations realise the benefits of cloud infrastructure, we may see a change in trend,” he says.

Throughout his career, Kumar has had many memorable ass­ignments. However, he regards his work with one of India’s largest tele­communications companies, where he transformed th­eir in­frastructure to issue credentials in the form of keys to remote de­vices, as the most challenging yet rewarding one. “It was quite ex­citing to be a part of it since it taught us that with the right approach and robust technology, even massive implementations that touch the lives of millions of citizens can be executed effectively and securely,” he reminisces.

Kumar is an engineer with an M.Tech in computer science and engineering. He is a Certified Information Systems Auditor and a Certified Information Security Manager from the Infor­ma­tion Systems Audit and Control Association. Kumar believes his key str­e­ngth is to approach each business relationship, on its own terms, as a unique opportunity to build tr­ust and foster mutual growth.

During his leisure time, Ku­mar enjoys reading books on bu­siness and science fiction, and interacting with friends, mentors and industry gurus. His family comprises his mother, father, who is a paediatrician, his wife, who is a senior economist, and two daughters, who are currently in school. “Since all are working in different fields, our discussions over the dining table are diverse and interesting,” he adds.