Pramod Gummaraj, CEO, Aprecomm

Pramod Gummaraj is a tech innovator and chief executive officer (CEO) at Aprecomm, a pioneer in democratising network intelligence with artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled products. Gummaraj brings to Aprecomm his extensive experience in intelligent network systems, connected cars and wireless communications. He has spent his professional career understanding the nitty-gritty of wireless technology and specialising in strategies that bring together people, processes and technologies.

Gummaraj believes that networks are becoming increasingly complex to manage. Faced with increasing consumer demands, global proliferation and connected devices, the industry is looking to simplify networks with AI, machine learning and advan­ced network security. In this scenario, network intelligence will be handy in managing complexity and handling surplus de­mand.  He also feels that distributive computing will solve many problems in the network space.

As CEO of Aprecomm, Gummaraj aims to transform network devices using AI. In this role, he identifies and drives strategic ali­g­nments for business expansion, product delivery and device innovations. Aprecomm provides AI-enabled network intelligence so­lutions for enterprises, small and medium businesses, and internet service providers. “We expect to capture at least 2-3 per cent of the global market and establish Apre­comm as a network intellige­nce software-as-a-service (SAAS) leader in the coming year,” he says.

According to Gummaraj, getting quantifiable feedback about quality of experience while meeting customer needs is challenging as it involves multiple network elements. “Aprecomm is, however, trying to bridge this gap for service providers by prioritising a seamless experience for consumers,” he says.

Prior to Aprecomm, Gummaraj served as the tech lead and ar­chi­tect for Atheros Communications, Savari Networks, and Ara­da. In his decade-long experience, Gummaraj has worked in the Wi-Fi chipset space and led development teams to develop innovative network infrastructures.

A passionate and result-driven leader, he feels clarity in com­munication is his strength. His management style involves being focused on achieving the target, regardless of the route ta­ken. Dreaming big but planning sm­all is his mantra. Gum­maraj holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronics en­gineering from NIT, Warangal and a master’s in computer science and engineering from the IIT, Mad­ras. When not working, he likes to read Indian mythology and relate it to logic and science.