Rohde & Schwarz has launched the R&S SMW200A global navigation satellite system (GNSS) simulator. The simulator adds a high-end solution to Rohde & Schwarz’s portfolio of satellite navigation system simulators. It can be extended to up to four radio frequency (RF) outputs and allows GNSS signals to be simu­lated simultaneously in multiple frequency bands for multiple antennas. According to the company, it is the only instrument in the market that can internally simulate a complex interference environment, in parallel with GNSS signals.

The new R&S SMW200A GNSS simulator offers an innovative test solution for the easy generation of complex and highly realistic test scenarios for a wide variety of GNSS applications. To test multi-frequency and multi-antenna systems, users now have access to 72 GNSS channels that can be assigned to up to four RF outputs. The R&S SMW200A can generate quasi-zenith satellite system and satellite-based augmentation system signals, as well as GPS, Glonass, Galileo and BeiDou signals. The high-end solution enables users to quickly and easily verify the position accuracy of their receivers under realistic conditions.

The R&S SMW200A has an internal noise generator and can generate complex interference scenarios with multiple interferers. All signals (GNSS, noise and interference) are generated directly in the instrument. Additional signal sources for the external generation of interference signals are not necessary, considerably simplifying test set-ups. Further, no external computer is needed to configure and operate the R&S SMW200A. The integrated, in­tui­­tive graphical user interface allows users to generate GNSS scenarios quickly and easily.