Rituparna Mandal: General Manager, MediaTek Bangalore

Rituparna Mandal, currently general manager (GM) at Me­diaTek Bangalore, happens to be the first woman engineer in her family. She draws inspiration from her father, who was the first en­gineering graduate from his village.

Mandal started her career in 1997 with Texas Instruments. Af­ter working there for 16 years, she launched Immensa Semicon­ductors in 2013 and created a foundation internet protocol (IP) portfolio in leading edge technologies across top foundries. In 2015, Immensa was acquired by MediaTek, where Mandal joined as director, advanced CPU and foundation IP technology. Mandal is now GM at MediaTek Bangalore and also director of the ad­vanced technology team, responsible for foundation IP and ad­van­­ced CPU designs across MediaTek products.

Mandal believes that artificial intelligence/machine learning and internet of things are going to significantly impact the consu­mer segment. “There are a broad range of products such as smart homes, surveillance, infotainment, wearables, smart TVs, smart healthcare, farming apps and online education that will be popular. Further, Edge computing and Wi-Fi 6 will gain traction along with 5G adoption. Smartphones will further evol­ve with more powerful processors, camera/multimedia features, cloud gaming enhancements and improved connectivity,” Mandal notes.

An electronics engineering graduate from Jadavpur Univer­sity, Mandal recalls designing a processor for the flagship gaming targeted chipset, G90T, for the Indian smartphone market as her most memorable assignment. “A lot of technical challenges and ag­­­­­­gressive timelines made the project memorable,” she re­calls. Me­­e­ting the aggressive power, performance and area goals, as well as the tight silicon development period for Helio GT90 to meet cu­­­­stomer timelines, has been a highly challenging yet re­warding ex­­­perience. “There were Covid 19-induced challen­ges, but we ma­­­­­­naged through effective work-from-home im­ple­mentation,” she says.

Mandal believes in creating wonderful young leaders through mentoring and helping them realise their hidden potential. “I believe that the teams I lead and work with should be empowered, so I always work towards that and try to build transparency and better communication at all levels,” she says. She believes that her ability to take up new assign­me­nts, assume ownership and acco­un­­tability and strive to de­li­ver best results are her biggest str­en­gths. Be­sides, she is very pa­ssio­nate ab­­o­ut innovation and adapts to ch­anges quickly.

During her spare time, Man­dal likes to travel, read and write. She is also an avid admirer of art in all forms. She is blesse