Vasudev Tantry, Country Manager and Whole-Time Director, Anritsu India Private Limited

The Indian test and measurement (T&M) industry has seen significant developments in recent years, driven by the rapid growth of technologies such as 5G networks, wireless research and development (R&D) and increased manufacturing activities boosted by the government’s performance-linked incentive sc­heme. In 2023, these developments are set to continue, with the roll-out of 5G networks to cover more areas, increased telecom manufacturing and R&D activities, which are expected to drive growth in the industry.

5G networks, which offer faster speeds and lower latency than previous generations of mobile networks, are expected to be rolled out in India in 2023. This will drive demand for T&M equipment as co­m­panies and government agencies will need to ensure that the new networks are operating correctly and efficiently and that users will need more 5G UEs. In addition, the roll-out of 5G networks will lead to in­creased demand for other technologies, such as internet of things and smart cities, which will further boost the requir­ement of measurement solutions.

Another key driver of growth in the Indian T&M industry is wireless R&D. With the increasing use of wireless technologies in areas such as healthcare, transportation and manufacturing, there is a growing need for advanced T&M eq­uip­ment to support R&D in these areas. More and more global companies are making India one of their prime locations for carrying out engineering and R&D ac­tivities. The requirement of pro­tocol, ra­dio frequency (RF) and conformance testing solutions for this segment will pl­ay a major role in the next level of growth for the T&M industry.

In addition to these developments, there are a number of other trends that are expected to shape the Indian T&M industry in 2023. One of these is the growing importance of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry. As more and more data is generated by T&M equipment, companies are looking to use AI and machine learning technologies to analyse and make sense of this data. This will enable them to gain new in­sights and make more informed decisi­ons, which will drive innovation and growth in the industry.

Another trend to watch in the Indian T&M industry in 2023 is the increasing focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. With growing concerns about the environmental impact of technology, companies are looking to develop T&M equipment that is more energy efficient and has a smaller environmental footprint. This is an area where India has a lot of potential, as it is a leading producer of renewable en­ergy, such as solar and wind power.

Overall, the Indian T&M industry is set to continue to grow and evolve in 2023, driven by the roll-out of 5G networks, inc­reased investment in wireless R&D and manufacturing. With the right policies and investments in place, India has the po­tential to become one of the major markets for T&M and to drive innovation and growth in a wide range of industries.