The government has said that Reliance Jio cannot be held liable to pay adjusted gross revenue (AGR) dues for Reliance Communications (RCOM) on the grounds that it shares airwaves with bankrupt telecom operator.

Minister of state for communications Sanjay Dhotre informed this to the Lok Sabha, while addressing a question on whether Jio will be held liable to pay spectrum dues of RCOM.

The government noted that earlier on September 01, 2020, the Supreme Court had ruled that only part of the spectrum of the licensee has been shared with the case of some of operators, which has been approved by the DoT under the Sharing Guidelines, 2015, and there is no provision for the liability of the past dues on the shared operator.

Back in 2016, Jio and RCOM had entered in an agreement to share spectrum in 800 MHz band in 21 licensed service areas.