Polycab India Limited has bagged BharatNet initiative by Tamil Nadu FibreNet Corporation Limited (TANFINET) to deploy 16,500 kilometres of fibre network, in nine districts, expected to be executed by 2023. The deal is categorised under Package A of the TANFINET and involves a cost of approximately Rs 5.09 billion.

The project involves providing end-to-end connectivity with high-speed bandwidth using optical fibre cable (OFC) in 3,095 gram panchayats (village blocks) across 9 districts of the state under Package A. Of the 16,500 kilometres of fibre networks, 85 per cent of it would involve overhead or aerial deployment.

Under the Tamil Nadu initiative, Polycab’s scope of work would involve site survey, design, fibre laying, integration and commissioning as well as operations and maintenance (O&M) to enable gram panchayats in the demarcated districts with a minimum scalable bandwidth of 1Gbps.

As per the agreement conditions, Polycab India would also set up a state ‘Network Operations Centre’ (NOC) at Chennai to integrate all village blocks under the project, including those under the other three packages. The company would be involved in continuous monitoring of the performance and health of the entire network in BharatNet-II in Tamil Nadu.

Earlier, Polycab India has completed BharatNet-II programs in Bihar and Gujarat in a record time as a consortium player.