Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to inaugurate the new International Telecommnication Union (ITU) area office and innovation centre in India and will unveil the ‘Bharat 6G Vision Document’ and launch 6G research and development test bed.

India signed a host country agreement in March 2022 with ITU for the establishment of said area office. The India ITU area office will serve India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Afghanistan and Iran.

Furthermore, the Bharat 6G vision document is prepared by Technology Innovation Group on 6G (TIG-6G) that constituted in November 2021 with members from various  ministries/     departments, research and development institutions , academia , standardisation bodies, telecom service providers, and industry to develop roadmap and action plans for 6G in India.

The Prime Minister will also launch ‘Call before you dig’ (CBuD) app, which is a tool envisaged for preventing damage to underlying assets like optical fibre cables, that occurs because of uncoordinated digging and excavation, leading to loss of billions every year. The app CBuD will connect excavators and asset owners via SMS/e-mail notification and click to call , in order to make sure all the excavations in the country are planned and safe for the underground assets.